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  • My name is Tiona....

    I’m here to challenge everything you know about being a Virtuous Woman. See, I agree with GOD about the abilities of a Proverbs 31 Woman. We have the wisdom and make-up to uplift our husband’s, nurture our children, manage our household’s, run our businesses and serve our community’s. Have you read Proverbs 31 lately? A Virtuous Woman does it all. She is not perfect (because perfection does not exist) but she is a woman of purpose! Who told you that you couldn’t be an amazing wife and run a successful business? Who told you that you had to build a career before starting a family? Who taught you that you couldn’t walk boldly into who God said you are? The limitless life that you’ve always wanted lies just beyond your comfort zone, half past your excuses and right behind your fear of failing to manage it all. Together we will introduce you the Proverbs 31 BOSS Blueprint. Get ready to surrender to God and trust the process.



Success Stories

  • “ Every so often you come across someone that is a life changer. Some may look for this person in the form of a companion or it could be the birth of a child but for me, in this stage of my life, it has been Tiona.”

    Courtney Wilson
  • “ Tiona K. Blyden did an excellent job assisting Jordan Solutions with starting up our company. We were able to start and launch in 30 days and hit the ground running! Tiona is efficient and her business knowledge is exceptional. I would highly recommend Tiona K. Blyden for your business coaching needs.”

    Nakea Jordan
  • “Not many people have the ability to connect to their clients like Tiona. She helped me reduce the clutter in my life and create balance between being a mother and business owner. Now my business and my life have more structure, allowing me to perform at my highest level of efficiency”

    Shanae Newman
  • “ I had the pleasure of receiving business coaching from Tiona. Our work began with the cultivation and infrastructure of a few business ideas and she did not disappoint. Since I began working with her, I have seen an increase in my motivation and the ability to create new and useful ideas.”

    Danielle Stevenson
    Connect with me online @tionakblyden