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The Cost of NOT Investing In A Planner



It's the first week of the new year and I am shocked by how many people are declaring THIS YEAR as their year but, they have not incororated anything new into their daily tasks, haven't really made a big attitude adjustment or are not being intentional about the hours, minutes and days to come that will make a big difference in their lives. I am so proud of the Proverbs 31 BOSS Planner, because beyond being the visionary behind the project, I know how impactful this planner is because it has transformed my life. When a woman is juggling multiple roles, it is easy get burned-out, distracted, waste lots of time and become ungrateful.

I have found that spending time in prayer each morning is the "secret sauce" to balance. Being grateful is the key to appreciating every role, and that investing in a planner that works for you keeps you focused. Thankfully, the Proverbs 31 BOSS planner reminds you to pray, be grateful and properly manage your time each day. I have heard some people complain about to cost of a planner and the time it takes to plan, but it truely a cost for failing to plan. Let me take some time to walk you through the costs:

1. Idleness - Idleness is defined as laziness or inactivity. However, the bible calls idle hands the devil's workshop (see Proverbs 16:27). That means that the enemy, YOUR ENEMY, loves it when you are doing nothing and being lazy. Don't get laziness/idleness confused with wealth. We all need rest, but rest is planned. It is not constant. Planning your day gives you a sense of purpose and reduces that chance of going aimlessly through the day.

2.  Lack of Direction - The most effective people are planners. They plan their days ahead. They don't get up wondering "what will I do today." They know what lies ahead for them, because they planned for it. People that don't use a planner (or any sort of accountability system for their time) are usually forgetful, independable, inconsistent and often waist their days due to lack of direction.

3. Busy NOT Productive - The easiest way to feel like you've done so much that you got nothing accomplished is to fail to plan. You are busy but, not productive because you complete tasks without using a planner to prioritize them, Excellence takes preparation, but people who do not plan are seldom prepared.....thus mis out on opportunities.

4. Nothing to Evaluate - I am a firm believer that you can't address what you don't acknowledge. Failure to write things down, creates the inability to evealuate and adjust. Therefore you could be spending several years making the same small mistake because you don't evealuate your days, time, and tasks. Proverbs 31:16 reminds us that we are to expand prudently, therefore we must consider our present tasks before taking on new opportunities. Sometimes the newtask is perfect, but an old task must go. The inability to evaluate could cost you greatly when you don't plan.

5. Sabotage Your Success - Intentional people hang out together. Time conscious people seldomely hang out with time-wasters. Consider where you are going. Are your future colleagues wasting time, failing to plan, and all talk no action? It's time for you to develop the habits that will manifest all that God promised you in 2018. Grab your copy of the Proverbs 31 BOSS Planner here. It'll be the best investment you'll make in 2018.


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