As Soon As YOU Take It Seriously....



We all have heard people say that "we teach people how to treat us by by the way that we treat ourselves." I have found this to be true in every area of my life from friends, to neighbors, clients, family members, children and even in my marriage. It is often our perspective and treatment of ourselves that gives other people permission to follow our example.


You all know how passionate I am about entrepreneurship, leadership and family. I believe that we have the tools, strength and wisdom to have it all with God-given grace and balance. However, it is always our own limiting beliefs, habits and self-sabbotaging mindset that holds us back. Specifically in business, when you treat your business like a hobby, what happens? You are paid as if it is a hobby. Your clients don't take you seriously and things are not happening the way that you imagined. 


This is true because of YOU! You have not put given your business 100% effort. You are not focusing on revenue generating tasks. You are treating your calling as if you have an option to walk or not to walk in it. The truth is that you won't be satisfied nor fulfilled until you do what you were created to do. Nothing else will do! Love yourself enough to follow your heart! It knows the way!


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