Never Be Afraid To Be The First

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Success means something different to all of us, but my definition of success is being exactly who God says that I am. If I can be transparent, sometimes who God says I am is a tall order. I remember the day that God spoke Proverbs 31 BOSS into my spirit as a business and my immediate response was, "she is perfect. I can't model this business after her." Despite my own insecurities, I ultimately decided that I had to be who God says I am.




To be successful (by your own definition) you can never be afraid to be yourself, be different, be ready, be noticed, be the best or be the FIRST! Especially since our reservations about taking action on a goal or idea often have to do with our own limitations, when instead we should be mindful of how great our Father who gave us the assignment is. FAITH sustains us in the face of feelings of inadequacy. However, we must stand on the Words that God's chosen people of the past stood on when they didn't feel that they were qualified for their assignment.


When we take a look at the bible, God never chose anyone for an assignment that was eager to be chosen. Instead He chose those who would be unable to realize the vision without Him. Often, the tell-tale sign that your vision is from God is that there is no way that you can complete the assignment without Him. He will often place coaches, accoutability partners, mentors, and other people to encourage you along the way. If you feel that God is calling you work with me, click here to schedule your FREE B.O.S.S. (Bold, Optimistic, Successful & Saved) Blueprint Session to see how the Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy can assist you.





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