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Why Ms. Independent Always Finishes LAST



When I was growing up, my mother was a single parent. She took care of my sister and I without much help or input from our father's. Yes, we knew them but they never fullfilled the role of a father in our home. Our mother had the final say. She ran things.........she ran everything. With that upbringing and seeing all of the older women in my family run their households, I thought that was the way that things were supposed to be.

I used to try to run my family (husband included) just like I saw my mother, grandmother and great-aunts run their households. My husband was NOT having that. See, unlike me, my husband is a man's man. He is a Godly man! He understand that God hold him accountable for everything that does and does not happen in our household. He understands his position and responsibility as the head. So, needless to say he was not willling to disappoint God to please me.


I've seen many marriages fail because the women did not know how to let their man lead (or some did not want to). Newsflash!!!!! A man who understands his position in the home is NOT going to let you lead. If you say you want a Godly man, he can't disobey God to please you. Fighting God's order will cause tension, resentment and even divorce. So marry a man that you can submit to. A man that you are SURE is being led by God, so that you can comfortably follow God by following him.


On the other hand I have also seen women husband's who give up their power to lead. Then they leave everything up to that women. Ladies, if we are honest, we don't want to lead. We want to follow our husband's. The decisive men in our lives make us feel secure and safe. However, some men will give this power up. Your household will be out of order (according to God, not me). Now you can't handle what you need to handle because you're trying to be the husband and wife.


Bottom line......Ms. Independent always finishes last. She either repels good men being soooooooo dominant. Or she sets the tone to do everything, then gets overwhelmed.


I'm not telling you be needy, because that works against you too. However, be submissive TO A MAN WHO SUBMITS TO GOD. It's not a curse word. If you don't know how to submit, get around some women who do. Join me on Saturday, June 24th at the Proverbs 31 BOSS Brunch in DC. Wives and wives in waiting are welcomed!


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