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Married and Feeling Unappreciated





Hey BOSS Lady,


I can honestly say that this is one of those blogs that the Lord had to just about force me to write for two reasons. First, because this is a sensitive area for me.....meaning as amazing as my husband is... this...area ...still ...a...struggle. Secondly, because I know that this is an area that most coaches don't talk about in first person. They usually speak about struggles that they have overcome, rather than something that they are still working through. 


My husband David and I have 4 children and they are all under 12-years-old, so as you can imagine my house is always loud, it can get messy in 5 minutes, two loads of laundry have to be done a day to avoid clothes being everywhere, and there'snever a dull moment. On the flip side our babies are so loving, well-behaved and they have a way of always making you feel important.


Like many women, I've been at home with my children all summer and haven't really had much breathing room since the summer began. A month ago, I had gotten to a place of burn-out, hopelessness, and quite frankly....Depression. I was literally drowning in my responsibilities ( I was getting them done, It was taking so much out of me). 


I know you are probably thinking that I should've talk to my husband.......Well I did. He heard me, but he didn't hear me. Because I was appeared to be getting things done with ease, he didn't see the effect that everything was having on me. What should we do when we feel overloaded and unappreciated? What do we do when we feel like who we are at our core is taking a back seat to what our family needs?


How do you make it through a season when you stressed and stretched? Psalms 105:19 says, "Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the LORD tested Joseph's character." That means that the life that God promised us is indeed coming....but until that time comes He's going to be building our character so that we can handle what is next.


So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, stretched, depressed, invisible, or hopeless, IT'S CHARACTER BUILDING TIME. Allow God to sharpen you as He prepares you to the next level. He's not ready to change the situation, He's ready to to change YOU in the situation. :)

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