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What is the Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy?

The Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy is a coaching and consulting firm for wives that assists with helping you to strengthen your relationship with GOD, bring order and balance to your household and package your story in a way that increases your impact and income.

In doing so you will have more peace, joy and have more time to spend with your family while doing what you love…..and ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY and an IMPACT.

Who do we serve?

Mothers - We work with moms who have always wanted to start a business but do not quite understand how they can build a profitable business while managing their household responsibilities. This mom may constantly feel overwhelmed, may be struggling to find time for prayer, and desires a more fulfilled life, but does not know where to begin. The moms that we help need a mindset shift, household management strategy and a blueprint to build a profitable business.

Wives With Many Responsibilities – The wives that we help give every piece of themselves to her families and rarely get any downtown. This wife does not know what to do next but she feels stuck. Although others around see her as “living the dream,” she feels that she was created to do much more. She desperately needs a mindset shift, time management plan, and to find a new circle of entrepreneurs to help her to turn her dreams into a profitable business.

Who are our ideal clients?

Our ideal clients are wives who are seriously ready to do whatever it takes to do marriage, family and business God’s way. If you realize that they have done everything that you can to enjoy life to no avail….this program is for you. If you believe that you were created for more and are motivated to both learn and apply biblical strategies to live the life that they dream about….this program is for YOU.

You could be our ideal client if:

  • You are ready to enjoy your life again
  • You are ready to bring your household into order
  • You are ready to build a relationship with GOD and claim his blessings in your life
  • You desire to bring the romance back into your marriage
  • You have a vision to make a profit doing something you love
  • You are willing to do what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
  • You are ready to go from building someone else’s dream to building your own
  • You are ready and willing to make an investment in your success

How do I know if Tiona is the right fit for me?

I am a GOD fearing woman who knows that it is GOD’s will that we prosper. However, our soul has to prosper as well. What is the soul? The soul is your inner life, psychological and spiritual state. In other words, your soul is where your mindset, beliefs, personality traits, habits and relationship with GOD manifests. My ideal client is ready to do what it takes to build a relationship with GOD, work on the inner man and follow GOD’s blueprint of what a virtuous and prosperous woman is. If you are tired of being angry and frustrated, this program is for you.

If you are ready for me to walk you step-by-step through the process of building a solid relationship with GOD, bring order to your life, and doing the work that you are called to do I can help you. My make moves or make excuses approach, will hold you accountable and help you get where you are trying to go. If you are not ready to learn to trust GOD and take full responsibility for your life, this is not the program for you.

What separates me from other coaches?

GOD and I built our relationship ten years ago. I was a single mother, college drop-out, and woman with very low self-esteem and standards. Through my relationship with GOD, he changed my mindset, sent me a loving husband and blessed us with four children. On top of that I have been an entrepreneur since February 2010. Today, I am also an author, speaker and MBA student; in addition to being a mom and wife. GOD has enlarged my territory, but HE started with working on my soul.

In this program, I won’t allow you to quit, make excuses or stop seeking GOD.

How does the Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy work?

Our program is designed to help you build a solid relationship with GOD, bring order to your life, and do the work that you are called to do while making a profit. Our curriculum helps you to establish a solid prayer life, manage your home life and build a business that you can count on for income.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Depending on your commitment and work ethic, you can see changes in your life and business in as early as 60-90 days.

Ready to work with us?

Congratulations on being courageous enough to build the life that you’ve always wanted. Please click here to apply for our BOSS Breakthrough Session if you have not already done so. If you have already applied for a BOSS Breakthrough session, we look forward to speaking with you and discussing your program options.

Not quite ready to become a private coaching client yet and want to know if you can benefit from us at low or no cost? Of course you can! Please see below for options.

  1. You can start preparing yourself to work with us later by by taking advantage of our FREE resources here.
  2. Join our email list and receive devotionals, tips and strategies here.
  3. Consider doing a 90-minute strategy session with us. This will give you what you need to start implementing some things in your life and business without the commitment of a 12 month program. Apply here.
  4. Join our Proverbs 31 BOSS Book Club on Facebook. Click here to join.
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