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Program Success Stories


“Tiona has truly been a godsend and I am so thankful that we're connected. She has helped me grow and navigate through my marriage as a Christian wife more than she will ever know. I've made significant changes in the way I approach certain things in my marriage, as well as the way set healthy boundaries with my family and being an entrepreneur. I've also made plans and have stared incorporating self-care into my daily and weekly routine. Though small, I already see positive change.

Through prayer, discipline and communication my husband and I are on one accord about everything concerning our present and future. We're also able to take our first out of the country vacation, together, this year in August! Little things like that are a clear indication that we are working together towards common goals. God is good!

Thanks again, SO MUCH, for your wisdom, guidance and constant prayers.”

- Whitney Nic James-West, Founder / Content Creator, Fearless Woman I Am



“ Before working with Tiona, I had too much content and too many dreams inside of my head with no idea how to carry them out. During my VIP day with Tiona, she visually showed me how to make six figures with what I already know how to do while by being intentional about being a great wife in my new marriage and balancing being a mom of 3. Tiona provided the strategies, steps and resources that I could begin to work on the very next day. This was so worth the investment. Now I am clear on my pricing, packaging and ideal client. In less than 60 days, I booked 4 new clients!”

– Hennither Bianca Gant, Founder & Career Strategist, Career Image Solutions




““Tiona has literally changed my life by helping to mature spiritually. Applying the prayer strategy that she provides my help me to shift the atmosphere and my temperament at work and I sense God’s peace and direction in every area of my life. It has become a habit for me to seek God early in the morning and I love it! I even set up my war room at home. Now my daughter is praying strategically as well. Tiona has inspired me to go pursue my dreams in my career and by walking in my authority as a woman of God in my as a wife, mom and career woman. Tiona’s spiritual wisdom has helped to transform my life.”

-Donna Wiltina, Mom, Wife & Career Woman

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